Patinas for Metals  

We manufacture and supply patinas, metal coloring, and antique solutions to oxidize copper, brass and bronze as well as ferrous metals, nickel, silver, zinc, zinc-dicasts, solder, tin, and aluminum. Our metallic copper, brass and bronze coatings are used for traditional decoration of gates, mailboxes, wood works, and frames. Uses are limitless.

  • Ready to use patinas.
  • Metal oxidation patinas.
  • Basic chemicals for patina recipes.
  • Metal cleaners, primers and sealers.
  • Antique solutions for most metals.
  • Room temperature oxidation solutions.
Patina Blue Green 445-new on a copper roof.

Patina recipe chemicals

Our basic chemicals for hot patina recipes include Cupric Nitrate, Cobalt Nitrate and Potash Sulfurated (Liver of Sulfur) Copper sulfate, Potassium Sulfide in crystal and powder form. These are the basic chemicals used mostly by artists, sculptors and architects to develop different patina colors on Copper, Brass, Bronze, Steel and other metals. We also have Silver Nitrate, Bismuth Nitrate, Stannic Oxide, Antique solutions, Rusty Patinas, Pewter Look, Tin Look, Silver Look, Black on Silver, Black on Solder, Black on Nickel, Metallic Coatings, Primers, Cleaners, Lacquers and patinas for copper roofs, and rain gutters.

Anodizing and Plating chemicals:

We also specialize in anodizing and plating chemicals and additives as well as new and pre-owned plating equipment.